About Us

Meiers Drug Store 1947

Victor S. Ortiz and son
Victor C. Ortiz - 1952

Victor S. Ortiz and
Victor C. Ortiz


Ortiz Pharmacy 1956-2010

Victor C. Ortiz and daughter
Alejandra Ortiz - 1988

Victor C. Ortiz and
Alejandra Ortiz - 2008


Ortiz Pharmacy is proud to be one of the few remaining independent pharmacies in San Antonio.  Mr. Victor S. Ortiz, R.Ph., became a licensed pharmacist in 1930.  He worked for Meier’s Pharmacy located on the corner of  Houston and Frio, and then the pharmacy moved  to Commerce and Frio.   Finally, he opened Ortiz Pharmacy in 1956.  His son, Mr. Victor C. Ortiz R.Ph., followed in his father’s footsteps.  He became a licensed pharmacist exactly 37 years after his father in 1967.  Currently, Mr. Victor C. Ortiz’s daughter, Alejandra Ortiz, Pharm.D., is also a pharmacist.  She became a licensed pharmacist exactly 37 years after her father, in 2004.   Alejandra Ortiz and Victor C. Ortiz work side-by-side at Ortiz Pharmacy carrying on the pharmacy’s legacy.

Ortiz Pharmacy has proudly been serving the community for over 50 years, and have harvested close relationships with many patients throughout that time.  Many of our patients have been coming to the pharmacy for the entire time it has been in existence, and several families have many generations that have been with us throughout all of these years.   


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